TIBCO Spotfire中成本 – 期權與定價


Spotfire Costalong with many other software applications it can be quite difficult to find out the cost of the Spotfire Business Intelligence tool.

TIBCO Spotfire designs, develops and distributes in-memory analytics software for use in business intelligence and analytics and provides users with executive dashboards, data analytics, data visualization, ..

tibco spotfire costs pricing

Spotfire has been around since the early 90s but didn’t really take off until 2007, when the brand was acquired by TIBCO Software. An exact customer count is unavailable, and has around $1 billion in revenue and a growing market share of the BI Tools market.


However to give a flavour for the cost of TIBCO Spotfire Cost there are two potential options

1. Spotfire中的個人雲服務 – 約. $300/年, 100GB的存儲空間, 1 筆者座 (在桌面軟件略有有限的功能連接功能的本地數據,並可以上傳只有本地DXP文件).

2. Spotfire中雲計算工作組 ($2000/年, 250GB的存儲空間, 1 商業撰文/ 1分析師/ 5的消費者席) 並給出了單一的作者閱讀能力 17 不同類型的本地文件 (DXP, 貿易發展基金, sbdf, SFS, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, CSV, TXT, MDB, MDE, ACCDB, ACCD, sas7bdat,UDL, 登陸, SHP), 連接到標準的數據源 (ODBC, OleDb, 神諭, Microsoft SQL Server壓縮數據提供 4.0, .NET數據提供的Teradata, ADS綜合信息​​服務器連接, Microsoft SQL Server的 (包括分析服務), Teradata和TIBCO Spotfire中的地圖. 這也使筆者做預測分析, 預測, 和本地語言的腳本).

ŤIBCO Spotfire® Cloud TIBCO Spotfire® Platform
Pricing $200/month OR $2000/annual
subscription pricing
Subscription, Perpetual and Term Licenses
Licenses 1 Authoring Seat (includes online and offline authoring) Per Customer Order
Cloud Data Storage 250GB 0GB