YellowFin BI Latest Versions


YellowFin BI Latest Versions

YellowFin BI Latest Versions – Yellowfin BI is a business intelligence software application that provides a range of Business intelligence dashboard reporting and data analysis functionality. Yellowfin BI allows reporting from data stored in relational databases, multi-dimensional cubes or in-memory analytical databases.

YellowFin BI is based in Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia,

The latest version of Yellowfin BI is 7.3+plus  – build 20170608 – released on 30 June 2017

Yellowfin BI Latest Versions

YellowFin BI Version History

Yellowfin BI Version 6.2
Yellowfin BI Version 6.3
Yellowfin BI Version 7.0
Yellowfin BI Version 7.1
Yellowfin BI Version 7.2
Yellowfin BI Version 7.3
Yellowfin BI Version 7.3 Plus





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