OBIEE Latest Version

OBIEE Latest version – Oracle BI Latest Version is Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c Release


Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c documentation is part of Oracle® Fusion Middleware Online Documentation Library 12c Release 1 ( Oracle BI is often known as OBIEE

OBIEE Latest Version

Oracle BI

Oracle BI consists of the following Business Intelligence software components:

  • BI Server: common enterprise business model and abstraction layer
  • BI Answers: ad-hoc query and reporting
  • BI Interactive Dashboards: highly interactive dashboards
  • BI Delivers: proactive business activity monitoring and alerting
  • BI Publisher: enterprise reporting and distribution of pixel-perfect reports
  • Oracle Real-Time Decision Server: predictive analytics for adaptive decision management
  • Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management: strategic goal setting and tracking
  • Oracle Data Visualization: self-service visual analytics

Performance Tiles.

A performance tile displays a single aggregate measure in a visually prominent manner. It is an ideal way of displaying and calling out attention to a metric or set of metrics of interest on a dashboard. A user can select from a list of options to customize the performance tile, including applying a style, size, and conditional formats.


A waterfall graph lets a user view how each value in a series incrementally affects the whole by showing how an initial price is affected by various discounts and options. This is the preferred visualization in a number of applications including pricing analysis, where it aids in identifying pricing leakages.

Map Views.

Map Views support the ability to format a line to vary its color based on one measure, but to also vary its thickness by a second measure. For example, an airline route could be color coded based on the number of flights flown, and its thickness based on the average revenue per seat.

100 Percent Stacked Chart.

A subtype, 100% Stacked, has been added to both the bar and area graphs. This graph shows values as percentages, and because it normalizes the data between values of 0 and 100 percent, makes it comparison of values easier across series and groups.

Analyses often have sparse data that includes null rows and/or columns. A new option, available at the analysis level, allows users to display this data. It can be overridden at the view level, providing flexibility and convenience to designers to control how data is displayed for different views in the same analysis.


As the name suggests, breadcrumbs are an aid to navigation, and help users understand not only their present location within an application but also the path they took within the application to arrive at their current location. This navigational aid is displayed at the bottom of the page, and a user can click on any section of the breadcrumb.

Trellis View Actions.

Action links are a powerful way to provide contextual functionality to users within visualizations as well as dashboards. The high-density Trellis Views that are available in OBIEE now support action links for both Simple and Advanced Trellis views. In addition, action links are available in legend and axis labels in Trellis views. •

Freeze Headers.

A new option – “Freeze Column” – for tables, pivots, and Advanced Trellis views, keeps the headers positioned at the top of the view, even as a user scrolls down the dataset. This feature can be switched on or off for a particular view from the properties panel of the view. In the Oracle BI Mobile HD app, this is available via a twofinger swipe gesture.

Oracle Financial Close and Reporting

Maximize Views. When working with data-dense views, or where users may want to view the data in a full-screen mode on their tablet, they can do so by double-tapping the view.

Support for new visualizations.

New visualizations added in this release, like the Performance Tile, 100 percent stacked graphs, Waterfall, etc… are all available in the mobile app. Furthermore, users can also use touch interactions like tap, swipe, double-tap, tap-and-hold. For example, to scroll through the rows of a table, pivot, or trellis view where the headers have been fixed, users can use the single-finger drag gesture.

Oracle BI Publisher mobile enhancements.

Users can open BI Publisher reports and view them in dashboards. BI Publisher content is fully interactive, with support for prompts. Additionally, users can save BI Publisher content for local (offline) consumption.

OBIEE Security Toolkit.

The Oracle BI Mobile Security Toolkit provides a solution for Oracle BI Mobile customers who require higher levels of mobile device security than is provided by the mobile operating systems or through the Oracle BI mobile application itself. It is a repackaged, unsigned and uncertified version of the Oracle BI Mobile HD application that will allow a customer to combine the application with their chosen third party Mobile Device Management (MDM) security solution, sign it with their corporate signature and deliver it as part of their chosen mobile application delivery mechanism.

OBIEE Latest Version

The latest version of OBIEE is Release made available in March 2020.