Tableau Version 11 Release Date

Tableau Version 11 Release Date – coming soon in 2017 with a range of key new features and functionality from the Gartner Magic Quadrant BI 2017 leader.

We look ahead to see the likely new features and range of functionality planned for Tableau Version 11.

Tableau’s mission statement is “to help people see and understand their data, because we know data can empower people to achieve great things. In short, we work toward our mission so you can achieve yours.”

tableau version 11

Tableau Version 11

Improved Data Governance

Tableau see data governance and being a key functionality item in an Enterprise Business Intelligence tool and they aim to achieve this via “certified data source” functionality. This is quite a radical idea and I’m sure will be hugely popular within IT departments who are still often the gateway users and data stewards of most Enterprise level data sets.

Hyper Data Engine

Hyper enables fast analysis on billions of records and near real-time data updates.

Hyper is designed to simultaneously process transactional and analytical queries without impacting performance resulting in the ability to scale up and perform sophisticated analysis on large data sets with.

Machine Learning Algorithm Libraries

One of the strengths of Data Science toolsets such as python is the diverse and hugely useful asset library of functions.

Many Tableau users would like to see Tableau adopting this type of approach with prebuilt templates and recommended machine learning algorithms

Improved Data Driven Alerting & Metrics

Users miss critical insights every second even with the best data and Business Intelligence tools.  There are so many dashboards and reports that they don’t know where to focus their attention. For example

The ability of software to notify you when something breaks/breaches a predefined threshold etc. (aka automated alerts/exception reports). Data Driven alerts, where someone gets a report/message sent to them if some event or threshold in the database is triggered/breached. eg. “Send me a Risk report per product/branch/Loan Officer if the PAR30 for a branch exceeds 10% for  2 consecutive days” etc.


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