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SQL 2018 Server is likely to be the next re-incarnation of Microsoft’s Enteprise Business Intelligence toolset.

SQL 2018

It is expected that SQL 2018 will further consolidate Microsoft’s roadmap into Azure, Artificial Intelligence and further integration with Data Science open source toolsets R language and Python.

Microsoft’s cloud strategy has become central to the business-focused company. Expect news on Container Services, Azure DocumentDB, and machine learning advances.

Connecting Windows IoT Core devices with SQL2018 and that “edge” computing and distributed computing should loom large, according to Microsoft watchers.

  • A major update to Bright View – with a new a web-based administrator interface and a new workflow that operates well on any web-based device, including a tablet, Bright View allows users to login anywhere, anytime to streamline the functions of deploying, managing and monitoring a cluster environment.
  • A new monitoring subsystem – the subsystem was rewritten to a simplified and more sophisticated configuration that provides metric collectors and more flexibility.
  • Integration to Microsoft Azure – in addition to AWS support, this new integration with Azure allows users to create virtual clusters in Azure using the Bright cluster on demand feature, and the ability to extend an on-premises cluster into Azure using the Bright cluster extension capability.
  • Support for OpenStack Newton – to manage bare metal, virtual machines, and container frameworks, Bright OpenStack 8.0 features improved logging of OpenStack
  • events, performance improvements, and Ironic support for deployment of instances on bare metal.
  • Integration with Mesos and Marathon – to allow cloud native workloads to be deployed on Bright clusters. Bright provides a streamlined setup process, health checks, service management, and more.

If an individual or organization wants to know the SLA of a service or feature, it is now possible with SQL 2017 .  Just like any other Microsoft app service update, these updates are listed down as per the chronological order. Next, to Service Updates, some of the features also have a link to the Articles. These are nothing but quick links to the documentation of the selected feature. One of the most important links that are included in the Azure platform guide is the Code Samples. Developers can quickly refer to the code samples of any SQL feature and start their project.

SQL 2018 Release Date

The Release date for SQL 2018 is tentatively scheduled for October 2018 according to Microsoft.

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