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SAS Latest VersionSAS BI (Statistical Analysis System) is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, poslovna inteligenca, data management, in napovedno analitiko.

SAS Latest Version

SAS Latest Version

The SAS Latest version is 9.4 platform and key features are high-performance analytics, further ability to deploy in cloud environments, and standardised data management, governance and control.

The key features of SAS 9.4 (the latest SAS Version) are:

  • SAS 9.4 provides a simplified architecture, increased security, and more deployment options.
  • For SAS administrators, SAS 9.4 provides new management capabilities and administration tools. n For data administrators, the integration of the DataFlux products creates a more complete data management solution. Also, new programming languages enable you to manipulate your data and access relational data from various data sources. New programming languages enable you to update data on the database and access relational data from various sources.
  • SAS programmers can benefit from high-performance analytics enable you to quickly analyse large amounts of data. Multi-threading capabilities have also been added so that you can perform analyses on single-machine deployments. SAS Studio provides a web browser-based interface for SAS programmers to write, edit, and submit SAS code. n
  • For the user community, SAS 9.4 extends the options for mobile access and self-service options for data access, reporting, and exploration.

SAS Windows 10

Unfortunately SAS 9.4 requires an operating system upgrade to 64-bit Windows for example Windows 10.

SAS Zgodovina različice

The SAS version history is detailed below and this highlights the major releases and versions.

Version SAS Version SAS Version Release SAS Analytical Products Version
Recent 9.4m4 16-Nov-16 14.2
Recent 9.4m3 14-Jul-15 14.1
Recent 9.4m2 05-Aug-14 13.2
Recent 9.4m1 15-Dec-13 13.1
Recent 9.4 10-Jul-13 12.3
Old 9.3m2 29-Aug-12 12.1
Old 9.3 12-Jul-11 9.3
Old 9.2m2 01-Apr-10 9.22
Ancient 9.2 01-Mar-08 9.2
Ancient 9.1.3 01-Aug-04
Ancient 9.1 01-Dec-03
Ancient 9 01-Oct-02
Ancient 8.2 01-Mar-01
Ancient 8.1 01-Jul-00
Ancient 8 01-Nov-99


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