Cloud Based BI nástroje

Cloud Based BI nástrojeCloud Based BI nástroje sú rýchlo rastúce v popularite – mnoho predajcov sa presťahovali do poskytovať cloud SaaS BI riešení založených. and toolsets to meet the growing demand for off-premise cloud based solutions.

These solutions can be cost efficient and fit for purpose where data volumes are small (e.g. less than one terrabtye). však, for larger enterprise scale BI solutions or where the source data cannot easily be commoditised then a cloud based BI solution may not be viable.

For example data from standard CRM and ERP solutions does lend itself to the cloud based BI model (e.g. SAP, Saleforce, CODA, Sugar CRM) since skills are widely available for data modellers who understand the data structure and layout of these software solutions.

však, if your source system contains large data volumes then you will have to push this out to the cloud based BI providers. Your source solution may also be bespoke hence the vendor will need knowledge transfer in order to understand your data.

Too often cloud and SaaS based solutions are touted as the answer by vendorsthe reality can often be different and pose many challenges as well as increased cost compared to on premise Business Intelligence.

The main benefits of Cloud Based BI Tools and solutions include:

  • Fast access to scalable application servers
  • Easy to get started
  • Rapid configuration deployment
  • Lower entry costs
  • Centralized administration
  • Vendor support

celkovo Cloud Based BI nástroje offer a number of enticing options from an infrastructure , cost, maintenance, sustainability and availability standpoint.

Cloud Based BI nástroje

Some of the main Cloud Based BI Tools can be summarised as:

  • Cognos Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Oracle BI Cloud Platform

  • SAP Cloud Platform (formerly SAP HANA Cloud Platform)

  • Domo Cloud

  • Hadoop MapReduce / hive

  • Birst

  • Sisense

  • tuniak

The gold standard for Big Data in the cloud is Hadoop, which is an open-source software framework that Apache designed specifically to query large data sets stored in a distributed fashion (meaning in your data center, the cloud, or both). Not only does Hadoop let you query Big Data, it lets you simultaneously query both unstructured as well as traditional structured data. In other words, if you want to query all of your business data for maximum insight, Hadoop is what you need however this can require huge investment both in technology and skillsets.