Qlikview Version 13 Release Date

Qlikview Version 13

Qlikview Version 13 – Business across the globe are evolving at a breathtaking pace and the need to make decisions instantly has also grown multi-fold.

Decision making at levels needs to be a data driven approach backed up with visualations, diagrams, graphics and more traditional management information sources and reports.

To quickly assimilate a huge amount of data, there is growing demand for Business Intelligence tools that can help the Top Executives gain relevant and conscise  snapshot of the complete picture of their organisations based on key performance indicators and critical success factors.

These tools are now an essential part of management to ensure they are in control of and have the pulse of the business.

There is a range BI tools that are available in the market today which help Business in one or other way.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant has ranked Qlikview in the Leader’s segment in the BI products category.

Qlikview has consistently maintained its ranking for many years which is a good reflection of Qlikview’s popularity among CIO’s and decision makers from most key sectors and domains including Finance, Banking, Insurance/Actuaries, Automobiles, Pharma, FMCG, Retails, CPG, Manufacturing and Utilities.

The current version of Qlikview is version 12 but Qlickview version 13 is likely to be released in late 2020 but this may have been delayed by the Covid19 pandemic.

Qlickview version 13 will likely be a major transformational release of Qlikview.


Ease of Learning Qlikview

Qlikview’s popularity can be attributed to the large number of features that it offers.

The Qlik Business Intellgence software suite generally has a low deployment time and its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is also lower compared to several other BI tools.

It is easy to get started with Qlikview and it has a low learning curve and is easily understood by the end user.

These key factors account for the success of the Qlikview product as a BI Tool compared to Power BI.

Since most of the companies/organizations are deploying Qlikview to serve their Data Visualization and Business Analysis needs there is huge Demand Supply gap in terms of required manpower with the desired skillset. Qlikview Developers are having a very absorption rate in the Analytics industry which is no more a strong hold of the big IT firms as it was the case earlier.

Every kind of Business be it small, medium or a large enterprise is looking for manpower which can take care of Qlikview setup, prepare dashboards, and prepare business reports for them.

In short, the demand for Qlikview developers is at its peak at the moment and is a promising field for people who want to enter the Data Visualization arena today.


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