QlikView Review – Review of Latest Version Qlikview 12.40


Qlikview Review – The Qlikview Latest version is 12.40.

Qlikview is a fast growing front end BI tool with a increasing share of the crowded BI market place and is cited by Gartner, Forrester and many other analysts as best of breed business intelligence software application.

Many BI tools suffer from over complex, technical interfaces and a wealth of “functionality” most of which rarely gets used. Qlikview overcomes some of these constraints with a very intuitive user interface and quick “install-to-real use” scenario.

Key Functionality

QlikView is an easy to use tool for non technical users with a very intuitive point and click interactive interface that lends encourages interaction from the user community.

The implementation time for Qlikview is also quick compared to other BI tools – in weeks not months. The main drawback of this is that it’s challenging to leverage Qlikview in the data model with hundreds or thousands of dimensions. Typically an implementation can be in production and live within a couple of weeks. It’s worth noting that the QlikView “by design” caters for star-schema models only.

qlikview review

Performance & Non Functionals

Qlikview performs well due to an architecture that stores data in memory therby eliminating calls to disk storage and reducing query times for the user.

Qlikview scores well on :

  • User Interface
  • Performance

and does less well on:

  • Manageability
  • Security

Qlikview Pricing

Although QlikView can initially seem good value for money particularly for SME’s the licensing model can soon prove quite expensive once the number of users start to grow. Hence the cost per user in comparison with other BI tools can soon narrow if you are looking at more than a 50 BI user base which was the sampe for our Qlikview review.

Qlikview Review


QlikView can be a compelling options for medium scale data marts ; rapid implementation and user friendly. The tool also has some nifty functionality to allow the user to merge Excel spreadsheets, structured text files with data from databases which allows the users to prototype and model data very easily and with relatively little technical wizardry. During our QlikView Review our opinion is that the tool is a strong candidate for SME Business Intelligence and prototyping (holding around 46% of the data discovery / business discovery market) but not yet in the same league as some of the more “corporate” BI toolsets like SQL 2017, Cognos BI software, SAP Business Objects, Tableau.

Also recent versions of Qlikview have in our opinion shown some defects and quality issues e.g the Direct Discovery functionality which hopefully the developers have overcome.