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As a London Web Design agency we can provide everything you need to get your business online including Website Design, Search Engine Optimization E-Commerce, Blog Design, WordPress Web Design, Email Campaigns and Internet Marketing. We also provide Web Design Watford.

Titanium Consulting also offer a variety of WordPress Consulting and WordPress Web Design services to help you leverage this free platform to bring your website visibility and high search engine ranking.

Nós amamos WordPress como plataforma, so much so that we even build our own sites using WordPress and we consider ourselves to be experienced Consultants WordPress and have also implemented a number of WordPress intranet solutions to a variety of organisations.

WordPress is an ideal platform for a school website, school intranet or education website and we are able to offer some highly competitive packages since you don’t have to pay for expensive software or “high end” website design to have a great looking school website. We also have an excellent track record in School Website Design, Suporte WordPress and are experienced WordPress Consultants

testes de desempenho Software services for WordPress to help prevent performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before a system deployment or upgrade. software de testes de desempenho helps you test a broad range of applications, incluindo WordPress, Rede 2.0, ERP / CRM, e aplicações legadas para ajuda a identificar e reduzir os gargalos de desempenho e obter uma imagem precisa do desempenho do sistema end-to-end antes de ir ao vivo, so you can verify that applications meet specified testes de desempenho de aplicações requirements and avoid issues in production.

There are many benefits and functionality of performance testing tools to ensure that your WordPress installation is fit for purpose and this can be combined with Hardware performance testing is to ensure that the underlying infrastructure is able to support the load and volumes that the application layer requests.

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