Power BI DAX

Power BI DAX – DAX is a grouping of functions, operators, and constants that can be used in a formula and expression or simply to calculate and return one or more values. To summarise PBI DAX helps you create new insights from data already in your model.

The DAX toolset is also embedded in other Microsoft products such as Power Pivot and SSAS Tabular.


power bi dax

DAX can be classed as a functional language, which in practice means the executed code set can be contained inside a function.

What is Power BI DAX?

In simple words, DAX is used for data manipulation – to create new data and insights

There are two main calculations you can create using PBI DAX:

  • calculated columns
  • calculated measures

Important DAX Functions in Power BI

  • LOOKUP( )
  • Nested IF Condition
  • Splitting a String Based on Delimiters
  • Fetching a Particular Letter from a Word
  • Conditional Formatting
  • The ALL Function
  • RELATED(<column>) – This DAX function is designed to help you return a related value from another table in addition to the one you are working on

Useful DAX Functions

The most useful PBI DAX function is probably the CALCULATE function given this is one of the most important and multipurpose functions in DAX Power BI.

The DAX calculate function can simplify complex, multiple calculations easily.

The DAX CALCULATE function assesses an expression in a context that is changed by specific filters. Below is a basic example of the relevant DAX expressions:

CALCULATE(<expression>, <filter1>,<filter2>…)

The benefit of using CALCULATE to filter is that using the newly created calculated measures it will add a layer of context and complexity to your visualizations.


DAX Functions Cheat Sheet

A  useful DAX Functions cheat sheet can be found here:

DAX Functions Reference Cheat Sheet



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