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Tableau Hyper

Tableau HyperTableau acquired Hyper in March 2016. Hyper was a German, academic based startup developing a high performance, in memory optimal database engine.

Hyper’s high-performance database system is being integrated into Tableau’s product offerings and will bring a range of of new capabilities to Tableau customer base. Hyper will replace the ageing bord Data Engine (TDE).

Tableau Hyper Data Engine

This new functionality will enable existing Tableau users to undertake

  • Faster analysis of Tableau data-sets
  • Improving Tableau’s big data strategy by providing support for large unstructured data sets
  • Improved data integration, data transformation, data aggregation and data blending
  • Richer analytics, such as k-means clustering and window functions
  • Tableau Hyper will also extend the hybrid data model.
  • Unification of analysis and transactional systems
  • Hyper will also provide tools for the harmonisation, cleansing and transforming complex and large data sets
  • The aspiration is that Hyper provides a so-called “instant analytics” capability that will automatically display various contextual details as users interact with their data. This will be served by the in memory processing database engine.

Hyper will also retain connectivity to the 50 or so data sources that Tableau supports in version 10 – this covers disparate data source such as Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, og SQL 2017 server.

Tableau Hyper
Tableau Hyper Release Date

The beta for Hyper is already underway (early 2017) and the Tableau Hyper Release Date is expected to be Q4 2017 and be released with versjon Table 11. Hyper will replace the Tableau Data Engine (TDE) by end of 2017.

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