मोबाइल बीआई उपकरण – Top 10 Mobile BI Tools Comparison

There is an increasing demand for मोबाइल बीआई उपकरण as more and more people access the Internet solely using a mobile device.

मोबाइल बीआई उपकरण

Mobile BI Tools allow on the move, always onClevel executives to access BI and analytics on their mobile devices.

मोबाइल बीआई उपकरण

This is confirmed by research firm Gartner who sayWe’re seeing more CEOs and CFOs being direct users of BI. After email, BI is the most popular application,” says a research director at Gartner.

  • SAS Mobile BI.
  • Birst Mobile BI.
  • Tableau Mobile.
  • WebFOCUS Mobile.
  • QlikView Mobile.
  • Logi Info.
  • MicroStrategy Mobile.
  • IBM Cognos Mobile




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