SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 תאריך שחרור SP4


The next version of SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 SP4 Release date is scheduled for mid 2017.

This version is expected to offer a number of innovations to users and the key focus of this release is around

  • Enterprise – scalability, multiple users
  • Agility
  • Smart pillar – not just look at preformatted reports, integrating with simple predictive capabilities
  • Big data – HANA Vora
  • Cloud – investing in “all in data” in the cloud

SAP BO BI Web Intelligence will receive an alternative viewing interface in 4.2 SP4. The interface is HTML 5 based and will be optimized for use with touchscreen, tables and even large display smartphonesthis will enable SAP BO for the growing trend towards כלי BI ניידים.

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