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SQL 2017 – Microsoft announced in April 2017 that the next version of SQL Server RDBMS and Business Intelligence software is officially named SQL Server 2017 and made a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) available for download.

SQL 2017 BI Business Intelligence Artificial

SQL 2017 – referred to asSQL Server vNexthas been released in a series of CTPs since late last year.

The latest SQL Server 2017 Community Technology Preview 2.0 is the first production-quality preview of the upcoming offering, available for both Windows and Linux.

In this preview, we added a number of new capabilities, including the ability to run advanced analytics using Python in a parallelized and highly scalable way, the ability to store and analyse graph data, and other capabilities that help you manage SQL Server for high performance and up-time, including the Adaptive Query Processing family of intelligent database features and resumable online indexing,” the SQL Server team said in a blog post on April 17th 2017.

Microsoft have developed a range of new functionality for SQL 2017 mainly focused around the following key areas:

SQL 2017 – Industry-leading performance

Perform queries up to 100x faster than disk with in-memory columnstore, and transactions up to 30x faster with in-memory OLTP.

SQL 2017 – Improved Security

Use layers of protection, including innovative features such as encryption at rest and in motion, all from the least vulnerable database over the last seven years.

Data Science Microsoft SQL 2017 BIReal-time intelligence

Gain trans-formative insights with up to 1 million predictions per second using built-in Python and R integration, and get end-to-end mobile BI on any platform. This is a key area of extension into the fast growing Data Science, Ennakoiva Analytics and Big Data arenas.

The inclusion of R and Python is a bonus for those organisation that have invested heavily in a Microsoft estate but also need to cater for growing demand for R Language and Python Data Science tool-sets.

Application Extensibility, anywhere

Build modern applications using any data, any language, any platform—on-premises and in the cloud.

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