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Enterprise Business Intelligence covers a range of solutions and functionality.

Key to Enterprise Business Intelligence is data warehousing, typically consolidating data from a wide range of operational business solutions in Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Order processing, Sales and Inventory.

Toolsets typically required to deliver an Enterprise Business Intelligence suite :

  • Data warehouses, data marts, data stores, data platform
  • Extract Transform and Load Toolsets (ETL) architectures
  • Visualisation, Reporting, Dashboarding and Management Information toolsets
  • Master Data Management (MDM) toolset – for storing, maintaining and updating key reference data such as product SKU’s, Branches, Clients etc.
  • Other toolsets that form an Enterprise Business Intelligence might consist of Data Quality toolsets, Data Cleansing toolsets and data governance tools

Key to a fit for purpose Enterprise Business Intelligence strategy is that of the Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) whose role it is to provide first line support, knowledge and data stewardship of the key business data-sets.

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