Business Intelligence Competency Centre


Business Intelligence Competency Centre – Gartner defines a business intelligence competency center (BICC) as “developing the overall strategic plan and priorities for BI. It also defines requirements, such as data quality and governance and fulfills the role of promoting the use of BI”

As organisations are increasingly seeking to exploit their data as a strategic asset and to leverage information to drive efficiencies and competitive advantage. A common solution to facilitate this objective is to establish a BI Competency Centre (BICC).

An organisations approach to a BI Competency Centre should ensure that all major drivers are incorporated including people, processes and technology.

When establishing a Business Intelligence Competency Centre you should consider:

  • Does the BI CC have the required skills and knowledge, agreed business engagement model, process and practices in place to enable and support live BAU operations moving forward.
  • A BICC will need to advise on the principles, policies and practices, processes, organisational structure required to form and operate an effective, agile and responsive BI competency centre with Technology Services that leverages established industry best practice for organisations.
  • How best to development and implement the BICC service definition and service catalogue
  • How best to agree standards and processes for the capture and ongoing maintenance of meta-data
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