Business Intelligence софтуер Сравнение

Най- Business Intelligence софтуер industry is big business for all the major industry players such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft.

As the termbig datahas become standard industry parlance so has the increasing need to mine, understand and interpret this data.

Here we offer our Business Intelligence софтуер Сравнение.

Firstly before choosing a BI софтуер package you should gauge you needs against the following criteria:

1. How many seats do you need to license for?

2. What is the size of your data?

3. Will your users undertake detailed analysis of the provided data or is this a reporting / dashboard style solution?

Microsoft SQL 2012

Microsoft have invested huge effort in their latest release to 2012 – bringing in new rich BI functionality and vastly increasing scaleability (MS SQL 2012 scales succesfully in our experience to around 60 terabytes (TB) of data.

The main advantange of the Microsoft 2012 solution from an Enterprise licensing perspective is that once you have built the solution you won’t have to individually license users. For organisations with 150+ BI users this can provide huge benefits in terms of reduced licensing costs vs, the per seat licensing model of other vendors such as IBM Cognos and Oracle.

For larger scale Microsoft users it’s essential to undertake тестване производителността на приложенията on all platforms to ensure scalability and resilience going forward.

Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 is another major improvement with a range of rich functionality to extend reporting capabilities.

Oracle BI Suite

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, also termed OBI EE Plus, is Oracle Corporation’s set of business intelligence tools consisting of former Siebel Systems business intelligence and Hyperion Solutions business intelligence offerings.

Oracle have adopted their usual approach of buying up existing vendors and then integrating and re-badging the tools.

The Oracle BI suite has a global footprint and typically with Oracle is most prevalent in larger organisations and those that need the true enterprise strength of large scalebig datainstallations.

The Oracle BI suite is fully functional and covers the full breadth of functionality from modelling to business analytics to mobile integration and reporting.

Oracle is also very strong in the non functionals with good security, performance and manageability.

Why choose Oracle?:

  • Global vendor
  • Fully supportedclear product roadmap
  • Integration with other Oracle products
  • Offers both Software and a Service solution as well as in-house
  • Oracle’s BI software and analytical plaform is strongly rated by Gartner’s BI magic quadrant
  • Strong argument if you already have Oracle skills inhouse

Why not Oracle?

  • цена, цена, цена – as with all Oracle products you pay a premium price
  • Unwieldyother products such as QlikView Преглед are more nimble and flexible
  • Higher Total cost of ownership


IBM Cognos