SAP BI الأعمال كائنات 4.2 تاريخ الإصدار SP4


The next version of SAP Business Objects BI 4.2 SP4 Release was released in June 2017 and contains the following Business Intelligence features.

SAP BI الأعمال كائنات 4.2 SP4

Business Objects versions

  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.2 حزمة الخدمة 04 (Released May 2017 ) – release includes
    • Virus Scan Integration
    • openSSL updates
    • X.509 Authentication
    • Security Updates
    • Rest Web Services
    • Fiori Styled BI Launchpad
    • NetWeaver Enterprise Portal
    • HANA SAML Test Connection
    • User Account Status
    • Document Instances
    • Inbox Limit number of documents
    • CMS DB Drive
    • Server Group Exclusivity
    • Search Enhancements
    • Promotion Management
    • Upgrade Management
    • Installer

SAP BI الأعمال كائنات 4.2 SP4

This version is expected to offer a number of innovations to users and the key focus of this release is around

  • Enterprise – scalability, multiple users
  • Agility
  • Smart pillar – not just look at preformatted reports, integrating with simple predictive capabilities
  • Big data – HANA Vora
  • Cloud – investing in “all in data” in the cloud

SAP BI الأعمال كائنات 4.2 SP4 has received an alternative viewing interface in 4.2 SP4. The interface is HTML 5 based and will be optimized for use with touchscreen, tables and even large display smartphonesthis will enable SAP BO for the growing trend towards أدوات استقصاء معلومات الأعمال النقالة.

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