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Qlikview Latest Version

The latest version of Qlikview is Qlikview version 12.10 Service Release 4 – released 27th March 2017

Qlikview Version History

Previous versions and releases of Qlikview can also be found in the list below

  • Qlikview version 12.10 Service Release 3 – released 20th February  2017
  • Qlikview version 12.10 Service Release 2 – released 26th January  2017
  • Qlikview version 12.10 Service Release 1 – released 7th December 2016
      • Improved QlikView Server clustering and scaling. This leads to significantly improved response times under high load and improved ramp-up capacity. It also allows for more nodes and concurrent users.
      • Unbalanced QlikView Server clusters: a QlikView Server cluster can now manage nodes of different sizes regarding CPU, RAM, and number of cores.
      • Improved caching in QlikView AccessPoint, which significantly decreases response times when scaling to a large number of documents and/or users.
      • Introduction of publisher groups and regular and dedicated tasks for load balancing purposes.
      • New task status added: Queued. A task will be queued if it is not able to start due to overload.
      • Publisher high-load support: QlikView 12.10 optimizes the inter-service communication to improve stability and performance in cases with many concurrent tasks and high frequency changes.
      • QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) now allows running tasks to finish before shutting down the service.
      • QlikView can now be configured for single sign-on (SSO) access to SAP HANA.
      • Expanded QMS API functionality, with additional methods and new API calls.

      In QlikView 12.10, support has been added for:

      • Software and applications: MS Office 2016, MS SharePoint 2016, MS SQL Server 2016. MS Windows Server 2016.
      • Browser/web: Internet Explorer 11 and ActiveX Plugin for MS Windows 10.
      • Operating system: iOS10.
  • Qlikview version 11.2 SR5 Dec 2013
  • Qlikview version 9 SR 3 released Feb 2010
  • Qlikview version 9 SR 1 released 23rd September 2009
  • Qlikview version 9 released SR4 October 31st 2013

Qlikview Versions

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